Of Bran and Sansa: by StormCloudRising


Welcome to another StormCloudRising essay that investigates Sansa Stark and her role in the larger narrative.

I’ve argued in previous essays that Sansa like her brother Bran is a greenseer. Some will no doubt say that this is a tin foil or a straw-man theory. To that I will say that all theories are ultimately tin foil until confirmed or proven wrong by George in the pages of the books.

Be that as it may, if my theory is correct, then it makes sense for George to have dropped some clues by comparing her to Bran who we know is definitely a greenseer. However, this essay is not about proving my theory one way or another. It is instead meant to do something that I don’t think has been done in the fandom…at least not that I’ve come across and that is to lay out all the many ways that Bran and Sansa are compared in the text. Curiously enough, the vast majority of the comparison has an underlying greenseer/weirwood theme.

I’ve seen many essays comparing Bran and Dany, Bran and Jon and Bran and other characters but not any of Bran and Sansa. I find this oversight to be somewhat strange as George compares and connects their story on numerous occasions. I’ve mentioned some of these comparisons in previous essays, but I wanted to put the ones I’ve come across all in one place for easy reference. Let’s begin with the most obvious comparisons.


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