Nightflyers- Transcribed Reread Bookclub

#Nightflyers : Technology breeds new variations on the oldest themes. Even Ghosts. The #Martinworld haunted space story analyzed like you’ve never seen before. Jon and share the read here. Livestream will follow… one day.

Sandkings- ASOIAF Book club Reread

#Sandkings #ASOIAFReread. In the future a jaded dilettante purchases a few organisms of an alien species for entertainment, but when his desire for worship (Iron Throne) creeps in like a madness, they develop into a threat.

Put your thinskins on, the reread is ready.

#Martinworld #DaenerysTargaryen #AereaTargaryen

Of Bran and Sansa Stark: A Comparison

I’ve argued in previous essays that Sansa like her brother Bran is a greenseer. Some will no doubt say that this is a tin foil or a straw-man theory. To that I will say that all theories are ultimately tin foil until confirmed or proven wrong by George in the pages of the books. Be that as it may, if my theory is correct, then it makes sense for George to have dropped some clues by comparing her to Bran who we know is definitely a greenseer.