Where in the swamp is Leech?


To answer the question no one has asked, I have been at work in the supposed “real world”. ‘Tis a silly place, this real world, but necessary to pay the bills 😦  Nothing I do in any fandom is for the purpose of making money, especially money built off of someone else’s works. So anything this GRRMspreader does, whether good or (mostly) bad, it is all for the nookie… err, it is all for the comradeship and fun of it.

How long will this fandom break last? At least until mid December 2021. It will be then that all media outlets converge to the shores of Basquilia as I emerge upon the back of a watery octopoid-steed to announce my rebirth into fantasyland. I might be able to be coaxed out earlier than that if the cookie is that good and tempting, know what I mean?

What is this break and why is it more important than the SciFi-Fantasy fandom? My answer: It isn’t, but, I have been keeping up with some fandom news such at House of the Dragon television show information, patiently waiting for The Winds of Winter, and also patiently, patiently waiting for GRRM to release his long waited tip-top literary hit, Avalon. We will never get Avalon, probably, so I will also accept the ending to Black and White and Red All Over (a weirwood-Bloodraven prequel story 😉 )

Also, my old phone has stopped supporting almost any and all apps, and with me not being at my computer hardly at all, I am not receiving any fandom messages. The best way to contact me is through my blog (that app still works) and/or maybe YouTube comments.

I recommend adding #Martinworld to help push any messages through. I also accept messages sent by goat.

More is explained in this 15 minute video below, or peruse an essay that seems to cause a lot of fandom strife:

Or try any of the many bookclub rereads I have transcribed and discussed (a few videoed as well). I have about 28 of the 70+++ stories written by George R.R. Martin here:


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