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It is the last day of winter on my part of the marble. The bitterblooms have entwined themselves tightly around braziers, and frost flowers have survived through the chinks in the wall. But, this too, shall pass.

Tomorrow brings spring, and with spring we get the bloodblooms and sentient trees.

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Gardener’s toiling away in George R.R. Martin’s maze

The Fattest Leech blog is one of many in the fandom working to unravel the clues to A Song of Ice and Fire, however, these listed below are far better at it then I. There are plenty of big name theorists out there, but here are a few other sources that are filled with quick wit and deep analysis deserving of your attention. Let your garden grow by reading these fertile ideas based on A Song of Ice and Fire.

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  • Cantuse manifesto reading. It is hard to pick just one essay here. Something that I has given me a huge amount of respect for Cantuse and his work is his admission that theories are fluid, and many may need retooling. Overall just exceptional think pieces that connect many underlying dots. The most fandom famous theory is what is referred to as the Night Lamp theory  https://cantuse.wordpress.com/
    • The Night Lamp theory in a nutshell:Stannis used to be the Master of Ships. This means he dealt with maritime law, crime, etc. He was called upon at least once to deal with people who repeatedly used a trick to purposefully wreck ships. They would extinguish the fire from a ‘known good’ beacon and erect a false beacon somewhere else. This would cause ships to crash because they were lured into rocks or something like that.Stannis is going to use this trick against the Freys. Stannis is currently stuck at a village in the woods between two lakes. His men have been carefully digging holes around an island in one of the lakes.He knows that the Freys will approach a certain way, expecting to use a narrow land bridge to access the village between the lakes.However, Stannis will eliminate the watchtower beacon fire and raise a false beacon atop the island in the lake.

      Confused and in a blizzard the Freys will unwittingly traverse the lake and into the ice-fishing holes.

      At that moment Stannis will draw his sword Lightbringer and blind the approaching army, maximizing the trap effectiveness and signalling the rest of his men. Catapults lob stones into the lakes shattering the ice and drowning many. Survivors are killed along the shores by men in waiting. And northmen move quickly to secure the Frey baggage train.

  • Sweetsunray Mythological Weave. Outstanding work in a variety of topics. Many of SSR’s essays are now considered critical reads in the fandom https://sweeticeandfiresunray.com/
    • Reading George Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” can be like looking at a tapestry of the middle ages that features central figures in action, a few witnesses in the background, but also meticulous details of flora and fauna. Once you look beyond the main image, and concentrate on all the tiny details you notice the creator worked in some elves dueling with each other, and some dark figure hiding behind bushes, a fox catching a hare, seemingly all unrelated to the main figures and story in the forefront. We can dismiss these almost hidden scenes as unimportant, mere detail to build the background world. But it takes more hours to work in all those details than it does to weave the main scene. Then we notice the fox sigil embroidered on one of the main figures and start to consider that maybe it is not as unrelated as we first thought; that it actually may be telling us something more about the main figures. Once we understand and can make associations the tapestry gains layers of depth that sheds a new light on the whole. It does not change the story, but it makes it so much richer, renders clues, and interconnected.
Val vs Melisandre. Artist Morgainelefee.
  • The Weirwood Eyes and her analysis of magic, especially woods witches https://theweirwoodseyes.blogspot.co.uk/2017/08/
    • I have taken that idea a step further, and propose that this Volva/Vala role is already out in the open in the books.  Vala were basically witches & there is an in world parallel to witches being made in these books. Woods Witches.  The use of the word witch for a start; the role described is the same basically as in our own history ie: A woman who provides basic medical care via Herblore.  Whom you might go to for an abortion, or for help during a birth.  Who might make you a love spell or an ill-wish?  Who might claim to have the ability to scry, or see? etc.  This is basically who & what the Vala/Volva were too.  In fact, you even find the Vala being referred to as witches when you read accounts in different languages, such as the Roman accounts.  And when you look at the role of Volva/Vala in Norse culture,that of the Witch in the rest of pagan European culture, and what became of it post Christianisation it is basically the same thing.  They even carried wands!
  • Blue-Eyed Wolf for Sansa development https://bluelemonsforever.tumblr.com/blue-eyedwolf
    • The Rag Tag Band of Misfits project is the idea that there are different motley crews coming together in ASOIAF to move the plot and characters forward.  Some will win, some will lose, some will probably fall apart.  My contribution to the project is the Valed Rag Tag Band, Sansa’s rescue team.

      Shadrich, Morgarth, and Byron or The Three Hedge Knights:  Howland Reed, Elder Brother, and Sandor Clegane.  Their Gallantry is Yet to be Demonstrated:  The Winds of Winter Prediction that a glamor spell disguises the Beast as a Beauty.

      Pawn to Player Project Male Influences:  Harrold Hardyng.  A full detailed character analysis of Harry the Heir and his role in Sansa’s story as of TWOW sample chapter.  Covers his place in the overall plot, what he represents thematically, his relationship to other characters, comparisons and contrasts to other characters, how he fits in the Beauty and the Beast theme, and most importantly how Sansa applies her knowledge and experience with Harry.  The Pawn to Player Project is an excellent resource for all things book!Sansa.

  • Bran Vras Huis Clos http://branvras.free.fr/HuisClos/HuisClos.html
    • Our first task will be to bring to light many, many elements in the background. Some go back to the dawn of times, others are simply the hidden motivations of certain characters. As we will see, even among totally silent guests, among unnamed characters, some came to the Winterfell wedding with a long story.

      We will examine lesser mysteries as thoroughly as possible: the identity of murderers, the role of shadowy characters, and our understanding will lead to new questions. Mundane events will be shown to be startling. And a story will be proposed to explain the final letter. But true? What is true in fiction, after all?

Princess Nymeria (sun chair) and Mors Martell (spear chair). Artist Karla Ortiz
  • Melanie, Lot Seven and her wonderful analysis of women and kings https://melanielotseven.wordpress.com/
    • This essay will discuss the theme of how women on Planetos are silenced.  Below, we will examine the group of women called the Silent Sisters and how their organization has been used as a penitential dumping ground for certain types of women, discussing cases of actual and suggested use of force against these women.  We will inspect the treatment of some of the more outspoken women in ASOIAF and how it relates to the theme of silencing, then we will move on to examine how certain professions have caused women’s thoughts to be ignored and in effect silenced.  Lastly, we will focus on commonalities between these groups of women.  I would like to note that there are many examples of men being silenced throughout George’s work, but for the sake of brevity and for cohesiveness, I will keep the focus of this essay on silenced women.
  • The Dragon Demands on YouTube that breaks down the changes from book to show, and the reasoning behind them. The Dragon Demands videos
  • Close the Door podcasts.
    • Spoilers, profanity, and discussion focused on Jaime x Brienne.
  • Blue Tiger and the Tolkienic Song of Ice and Fire at The Amber Compendium
    • Few works of literature are as dear to my heart as J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels, collectively forming ‘the Legendarium‘, and George R.R. Martin’s literary saga, A Song of Ice and Fire, and its companion books, such as The World of Ice and Fire and The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. My blog and this particular essay are dedicated to exploring those rich ‘secondary worlds’, and primarily their mythological, literary and historical inspirations. The text you are presently reading was created because of my deep admiration of both aforementioned authors, their literary mastery, brilliant storytelling and enthralling worldbuilding. As you read, some theses and conclusions I’m  going to present might seem incorrect or unfounded, but I hope to provide you with enough evidence of my arguments, so that you can understand my position, even if you disagree with it. After all, only GRRM himself knows which aspects of his own world were inspired by Tolkien.
  • Rusted Revolver, on Twitter, but his essays analyzing wordplay which stems from the Celtic word, druid are WRIT IN TRUST.
    • I won’t bury the lead – GRRM is playing with the words ‘true’ and ‘tree’. In some circumstances, it is used within the green zombie symbolism identified and explored by Lucifer Means Lightbringer in his series, “The Sacred Order of Green Zombies” – I’ll try my best not to duplicate the analysis in that excellent series and instead try to focus on the wordplay that GRRM is using to tip us off to that symbolism.
  • M Tootles and his “Total Horseshit Analysis of A Song of Ice and Fire by a Devious Little Pork Chop”. Great work regarding the Greyjoys. . Find his thoughts here on Reddit.
  • Please read Wizz-the-Smith‘s essay regarding hollow hills in ASOIAF. I can say for sure that this theme is also carried on throughout much of GRRM’s works. You can also find Wizz on Twitter.
    • Hi everyone.  The premise of this essay will be to show that many of the ancient castles of Westeros were strategically built atop hollow hills to harness the magic of the caverns below.  Just as the two greenseers, Bloodraven and Bran do.  There are only two hollow hills named as such in Westeros, and both are openly associated with magic and greenseers, High Heart and Bloodraven’s cave… (keep reading)
Caves of Union- Greeshka “mother” in A Song for Lya. The fiery heart of the mountain in ASOIAF Artist: caffeine2


This is certainly not a complete list of all the toilers out there. If you have any to share, please do so in the comments below.

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