The Needle Men- transcribed and noted…

Hello my friends.

I just wanted to send out a quick update to let you know that I finished transcribing the 1981 George RR Martin story The Needle Men. Follow the link to get the juicy details of GRRM’s organ harvesters set in contemporary Chicago. However, don’t let the setting fool you as there are still plenty of in-world myth and mystery to read about. Yeah, I noted it up, but that’s what I am here for 🙂

The Needle Men ->

I hope you like this short story. For me it was a really fun read without being too sappy. Plenty, plenty of A Song of Ice and Fire prototyping as well. Gotta love it!

Thanks for reading along with my jambles and jumbles,

The Fattest Leech

Sneak Peek

Living in Uptown, Jerry had seen a lot of things he never dreamt of in places like Forest Park and Wilmette. But he had learned to mind his own business as well. So it was no wonder that he hardly thought twice about the guy with the needle until he bumped into the cops on the steps of his building.

  • Right off the bat we get a similar setting like that of The Skin Trade, including the upper mid-western town setting, and the mysterious villain with needle or knife (Skinner) hands that invades the main protagonists residence. These hands also dispense venom, much in line with the same “fiery hands” throughout near all of Marin’s work. I discussed venom in ASOIAF in this Lilith page.

He hadn’t really seen anything suspicious, after all. It was a Friday night when it happened, and Jerry had been down on Rush Street, checking out the action at some singles bars, with a notable lack of success. He’d had a few Michelobs too many and was close to getting sloshed. So when the cute brunette he’d been talking to went off with someone else, he made up his mind to call it a night. He rode the el back to Argyle, staring pensively out at the weathered sooty brick and grey windows of the building near the tracks, blinking whenever blue-white sparks came crackling off the third rail to etch hard, intense shadows on the tenement walls.

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