365 days of 2018 past…

Like many others in the world, I took a leap. Well, more specifically, in winter, I took a fall. Because of that fall, I leaped up and started this here blog to capture my creative consciousness before it trickled away.


One of the best fandom moments was visiting New Jersey and seeing George at the Loew’s Theatre for the Fire & Blood release. Such a good day. Read about it here.

I have not actively promoted this blog in anyway, as I really just expected to keep it as an online diary of sorts, but you found me anyway and I couldn’t be happier. I spend a lot of real world time tracking down bits and pieces of the George R.R. Martin literary universe, including interviews, and the payout has been extremely rewarding. His career is packed with information, overwhelming at times, but connecting the thematic dots between all of his works has been strangely cathartic. Not something I ever expected from the man who created Littlefinger and the convoluted way of naming oneself as described in Dying of the Light.

THANK YOU to those who consistently pop in, give me a ‘like’ star, and take the time to send an encouraging message (even if you think I’m nutso!).

affection appreciation decoration design
See what you readers made happen… it all of the sudden grew misty in here.

These are the good amazing aspects of the fandom that I am honored to be among. These are the ones who make it fun to write up a crazy crackpot just to try and work an idea through- win or fail, we all have to work something through.

And another HUGE THANK YOU to the few secret A Song of Ice and Fire nerdo’s that let me bounce my crazy off of their heads in other chats. You know who you are and to this day, and continuing in to 2019, I still don’t understand how you haven’t throttled me yet 🙂

i hate nothing about you with red heart light
Tis’ true. I love everything about you, even when we see things differently.

We all love a good, hot moment…

So, in good end of year fashion, what were the hottest draws to this blog? What crazy ideas of mine were people reading the most? Aside from the main She-Bear page, this is the top ten on the Leech blog:

  1. Daenerys is Bakkalon the Pale Child, and Flames
  2. Jon: Big Picture development, Val, Nymeria
  3. Jon Snow- the Wolf and the Bear
  4. Fire & Blood excerpt: Alysanne in the North
  5. Daenerys as Lilith: lullaby, beauty, gardens
  6. Inherited features of first born Targaryens (this one surprised me)
  7. Downfall of a Dynasty = Incest (this one did not surprise me)
  8. Dany is the Night Lion
  9. Daenerys- Fire, Silver Coin, Lilith
  10. Jon is the Sun’s son (sorry Quentyn)

For me, my favorite post is the one where Greenseeing means Enlightenment, and Bran is our story hero. Read about it here.

But wait, there’s more…

So what are my online diary resolutions for the new 2019 year?

I am going to add more stories to the the fiery hand religions that spans near all of GRRM’s work.

I am going to finally bring all of the information from the Westeros forum over to the Jon and Val sections that explains major plot points, including the new unity through a new Nymeria historic repeat.

I am going to finally bring all of the Altered History of the Night’s Watch vows over to this blog, and include more quotes from past GRRM stories that supports this idea- literally.

And I will start to tackle my World Building section a little at a time…

Most importantly, I want to continue to hear from you. Send me your requests for more book quotes, small questions, book recommendations, etc. Keep me alive!


With love, smooches, and all the stardust in the Thousand Worlds,

Thank You from the Fattest Leech of Ice and Fire


  1. Hello The Fattest Leech,

    I can not imagine the time and effort that you have put into researching all of this, and then putting some of it in blog form; well done, but I have a hard time navigating your blog since it uses a format that I am not used to.

    I am used to the standard blog format or the hybrid between this format and the standard format, I imagine that this was an intentional design choice, but I would recommend considering maybe adding a link to a standard blog page in your menu where people can find your posts in chronological order and / or using some more widgets (like archives, recent posts, categories, et cetera).

    It seems that George R. R. Martin has built his own world, I have only seen the Game Of Thrones television show and some of the lore videos, and even those are full of content; which is crazy and amazing.

    Good luck,
    -John Jr

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