Ghost was magicked by Mel, not trust…

This is a short post to let you know that I created a page that explains how Melisandre was using some combination of magic tricks to entrance Jon and Ghost into”trusting” her in the scene at the Lord Commander’s tower.

In my readings throughout the fandom, many readers tend to assume that Ghost legitimately likes Melisandre in the A Dance with Dragons – Jon VI scene when Ghost sniffs her hand and Jon is amazed. This leads to the false idea that Melisandre is to be trusted by Jon (and the reader). I am not going to claim that Melisandre is a outright villain (so far), but that she is the GRRM dreaded religious zealot that does eventually become obsessed with their own prophecies coming to light, at any expense.

To jump ahead slightly, we have a case of Melisandre possibly contributing the mutiny stabbing part herself, or rather, as a vessel of the fire “god” to exact his will. The men at the mutiny were acting very strange by holding their hands up and exclaiming, “it wasn’t me.” And let’s not forget Marsh with his tears, and what could happen to him in The Winds of Winter.

To get you going, here is a TL;DR version: Melisandre used glamour and magic to trick Ghost, and therefore Jon, in to trusting her. This is something she tries again when she is searching the flames for the “girl in grey”. But it only fooled Jon for a half a minute because he saw right through it. The only other person Ghost naturally bonds to is Val.

Click here to read the entire, totally awesome, breakdown…

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